Schröer Sell Architekten; Sabina Brandt; Dorothee Huber; Alice Keller; Katja Ninnemann; Tilo Richter; Gerrit Sell

Learning Spaces Laboratory

New Learning Spaces at the University of Basel

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Does the traditional university campus fit the way we study today?

What should the campus of tomorrow look like? Teaching and learning are in a state of upheaval due to educational reforms, social developments and digital transformation. To provide spaces that meet the needs posed by these changes, the physical campus has to evolve as well. The University of Basel has identified new requirements in a participatory process over several years with faculty, students and staff, and – in collaboration with Schröer Sell Architekten – developed and implemented a series of projects intended to pave the way to the “campus of tomorrow”.

Numerous articles and interviews describe the current changes to the campus in the context of developments in teaching and learning. They also examine the (architectural) history of the campus and its place in the urban landscape. Together with project photos and descriptions, they map ideal trajectories for future development, setting out information and experience that may well benefit other university spaces as well.


Designing in dialog Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell


A planetary system with a central star: university development in the urban landscape Tilo Richter

Utilizing resources, understanding study, creating spaces Schröer Sell Architekten


Pathways of learning on the campus of tomorrow: insights from the University of Basel Sabina Brandt

A house for students: the Basel Lernoullianum Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell


"A place always has to speak a clear language." A conversation with Katja Ninnemann, Berlin Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell

The history of the university’s sphere of action and the relevance of symbolic sites Katja Ninnemann


Center stage: the Kollegienhaus on Petersplatz Dorothee Huber

New teaching & learning spaces: modernizing lecture halls and seminar rooms in the Kollegienhaus Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell

Day and night: the Verso as a leisure and event space Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell

5_University Library

Just 7 minutes: University Library Dorothee Huber

The University Library’s main reading room as a learning space: a journey through time Alice Keller

Exploring the learning landscape in the University Library. A conversation with Kristin Hoschke, Alice Keller and Felix Winter Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell

A laboratory for learning: The learning landscape of the University Library Sabina Brandt and Gerrit Sell


Listening, debating and learning come together. In lieu of an afterword Thomas Grob




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1 March 2023

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